Friday, April 30, 2010

It's been a while...

Well, It's been a while since I last blogged. Like Pete said, I only blog when I win. Well this is the same case here, I told myself I'm not going to blog unless I hit a 3 winning sessions in a row, and tonight I achived the ever so elusive winning streak sessions for me in the past 2 monthes. I have won 3 sessions in a row! Wow, it definitely feels so good to have all your hands hold up and win some coin flips along the way. And hit some cooler hands vs. someone. Too many interesting hands to list, but I'm not going to talk about any hands here. This is to say that I should be returning to blog frequently now. My icy cold spell might just finally be over.

The cold streak lasted about a month and a half. From the beginning of March to Mid April, I just could not have 2 winning sessions in a row no matter what. Best I could manage was win 1, and lose 1, repeat and rinse. An example, I won like 1400 one session, next session, I got up to about 1300 again within the first half hour, then lost almost all the money in 1 hand where I flopped top set with 99 vs. someone's 75 of clubs on the board of 943 with 2 clubs. Hands like big darws vs big hands, or vice versa, I was always on the wrong end of the side. On top of bad luck, I know I played bad too. One of the things I notice is during the cold streak when my confidence was so low,I played most of the sessions at auto pilot mode. My brain wasn't functioning at full capacity.

Why is so hard to make money in poker? Yes good players will win more than they lose, but it's extremely hard to win some substantial amount of money. because this is the only job where you can go to work all day and not only you don't make a penny, you can lose 1k too. Just like in basketball, a team with record of 50-32 is considered a pretty good team. But when you look closely, comparing it with poker, you win 50 sessions and lose 32 sessions, assuming all the sessions average out about the same, you only have 18 more win sessions. SO basically it means for the 82 times you play poker, only 18 times you are walking away as a winner(get paid), all other times you don't make anything(worked for free). In addtion, you have to be mentally strong, and all other distractions that can occur. This is why you have to be SO MUCH better than your opponents in poker to make any substantial amount of money.

Well, I'm just glad that I got that monkey off my back now. I hope 3 wins in a row and 5 of past 6 is a sign of cold deck is over. I' m not asking much poker god, I just want my fair shares of EV.

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