Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Good ole nautica....

I love me some nautica......... I take back all the harsh words I had before for Nautica. I just can't lose in that place. After I came back from Indiana, I took a little break from poker and my confidence was a little shaky.

So tonight, I went down to Nautica, sat down at the 2/5, bought in for 400. My image is pretty loose on the table. Here are interesting hands..

hand 1) everyone folds to the cutoff, this Russian donk makes it 20 to go, he's definitely a very aggresive player. I call on the SB with JJ. Flop comes J92 rainbow, I check, he bets out 35, I hollywood a bit and raises him to 85. He looks me and tanks forever before he makes the call. Because of my loose image and his aggresive nature, I don't think he had an overpair there. He might have hands like 10,10. Turn comes Q, I check, and he instantly shoves all in. I know there's no way he would shove all in instantly with 10 8 or set of queens, so I call. and river 8. he turns over 10 J for the straight and I lose a 850 dollars pot with top set vs. top pair. Well, after that hand, I was telling myself " maybe I should go home and take something like 2 weeks off from poker, becasue I just cna't win no matter what.

But I decided to stay and rebought for 400.

hand 2) 3-4 limpers, I complete the SB with 57o. flop comes down 776, everyone checks to the button, who fires out 35. It's bigger than the pot size bet. Since there are no flush draw on the flop, I pretty much rule out the button has "7". he probalby has a mid pocket pair or the 6. I call the 35 and everyone folds. turn comes another "7". Now i got quads. I don't want to check here, i know he's checking behind. So I bet out 50 with quads, I don't think he's folding hands like 88 here. maybe not even "6". he calls. and river 3. I bet out 150 and he tanks forever and calls with A6 suited.

hand 3)This is the big hand of the night. I have been playing aggresive and I know my image is loose and bluffy. UTG+1 makes it 25, 2 callers, I look down AA on the cutoff and makes it 90. The UTG is a middle eastern donk who has like 700 in front of him. After thinking for a bit, he calls the 90. evryone else folds. Flop comes 996, he checks, I bet out 2 stacks of reds, he tanks and calls. Theres only one hand that I'm worried about" 66". Most likely he has an overpair. From the way he calls, I could feel he doesn't have a boat or better. turn comes Q, that's actually a bad card for me, if he has QQ he just makes queens full. if he has hands like 10,10 j,J, it's another overcard to scare him. he checks, I look at his stack, he has about 400 behind. I decide to check too. river 7 for the final board of 996q7. he quickly checks again, now I know i have the best hand 100%. I pretend to think a bit and say "all-in". he tanks, tanks and finally call with JJ putting me on AK I guess.

So that got me to about 1600. I won another 200 with J5 of spades when I hit the flush, and cashed out 1950 for profit of 1150.

I don't know if my cold spell is over or not, I sure hope so. Poker is not fun when you just can't win no matter what.


  1. how's the losing streak going donk?

  2. Damn, over a month and not one blog. Oh well....time to move on.


  3. update your blog dummie.