Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Trips report...

After breaking roughly even for the first half of the month, I went on 2 different casino trips.

Trip 1) Went to Detroit on Thursday afternoon with mailman. Got there at about 8pm? Sat down at the 1/2 table for about 2hours, lost about 200 dollars. Went to the 2/5 tables, 2nd hand I sat down, I picked up AA UTG. I limped, like 6-7 limpers, flop came AJ7, eveyone checked to the button, who bet out 40, I raised it to 110, and he instantly announced "ALL-IN"! I beat him to the pot before he could drag all his chips into the middle. He showed JJ, turn came another Ace. My quad aces doubled up early. if the turn was "J", I would have won the badbeat jackpot. once again, I came so close of winning the badbeat. That's like the 4th time I've been involved with quad vs. fullhouse. I lost twice with fullhouses and won twice with quads. Funny, I have never came even remotely close of seeing that happening in home games. All 4 times, they happened in casinos. I mean I play way more home games than casino games. Funny how odds work sometimes. After that hand, I went on my usual March cold deck routine, and after another 2 hours, I cashed out about 800. +300-200 at the 1/2, I won 100 the first night.

Day 2) Went to Greektown early morning for the daily tourney. I came in 5th out of 50 people for a pay out of 210. profit of 135 dollars. Went to MGM afterward and played at the 2/5 table. I lost about 200 dollars after playing 5-6hours. Couldnt hit anything. One noticeable hand, I called a raise with Q10 of spades, and flop came AK9 all spades, I flopped the joint!
We got it all in on the flop, he showed A9, and rivered another 9. I lost about 400 that hand. total for the day: - 65 dollars".

day 3) back to motorcity, I sat down at the 5/10 NL table. Bought in for 1000, I didnt play long because Mailman needed his beauty sleep before Dave's game that night. I ended up +300 after 1 hour at the 5/10NL. I won all the money in 1 hand when I slow played KK.

Trip to Indiana:

Day 1) Deepstack 340 dollars tourney. I basically lost all my chips in 2 hands. Both time I flopped straight flush draw and played it really aggresive and hit brick, brick both times. I was rdy to gamble early on, with like 650 players, I wanted to get some stacks early on.

After busting out the tourney early, I sat down at the 1/3NL and proceeded to lose about 1100 dollars. I was revered back to the "old pre-2007 chan". raising with junks and bluffing. didnt' work out too well i guess.

Day 2) Today is the first day I was determined to play good poker. I sat down at the 2/5 with 500. Did I mention "play good poker"? After like a orbit or so, I was already bored, this guy 2 seats to my right was raising every other hand, so this hand came. He raised again to 15, one called, I made it 55 on the button with 95o, he instantly called. Flop came Q54 with 2 diamonds, He lead into me for 50,I quickly glanced over his stack, he had about 500 behind. I just called and turn 9 of hearts, He out 125 this time, and I shoved all in and he called. He showed QJ, and I doubled up with 95. That didn't sit too well with him....

hand 2) same guy raised to 20, I called with 63 of clubs. Flop came J73 with 2 clubs, he bet, I raised, he instantly moved all in for like 600, I called and he turned over 85 of clubs. Turn 8 of hearts, Boom, no waiting!

hand 3) An Asian donkey just sat down to my right, and I could tell he's not a very good player. Then this hand happened : Cutoff raised to 20, the Asian donk called, and I called with 10 10. Flop came 892 rainbow, I lead out 40, the pre flop raiser smooth called and the Asian donk raised to 130 instantly. I called the 90, and the pre flop raiser also called the 90. Turn was 3 of hearts, we both checked to the AD, and he fired out 175. Before I could decide what to do, the pre flop raiser was counting out 175 in his hand. I ruled out the pre flop raiser had any big hand. He probably had a hand with straight and maybe flush draw now the turn brought backdoor heart draw. I decided to move all in for about 500 total, I didn't think the AD had JJ or QQ or a set. His 175 bet at the turn did show some weakness. I think he would bet more with an set after 2 guys called him on the flop. he probably just had top pair. the pre flop raiser folded and the AD called, and river came 5 of hearts. I said "1 pair", he asked me " which pair". soon as he said that I said to myself" I'm good, he has the 9". I turned over 10 10, and he showed A9 of hearts and some guys at the table said " u got a flush"! yeah I swear those Asian people suck in poker, they never fold top pair top kicker no matter what!


  1. Trips report? I thought you had lots of hands with "trips"....like three queens or something.

    It's a "trip report"....not a "trips report". Damn Chan, you use of "s" totally sucks. Otherwise your English writing is very good.

    Kinda like you deliver mails....it's MAIL!

    Maybe take a course or something...you always get the use of "s" wrong.

    Just some constructive criticism.......


  2. Here's another one....

    You don't raise with "junks"....you raise with "JUNK"

  3. wow is chan dumb.

  4. Guy called Chan says asian people suck at poker. haha