Tuesday, March 9, 2010

March so far..

SUCKS! After 6 sessions in March, I'm down 600 bucks roughly. Cards definitely have something to do, but I think I'm not playing great either. In Feb, I reguarly cashed out profit of 1k nightly. But this month, I still haven't had a +1k session yet. Best session was +800, worst session -1500. Just never seem to gain any significant momentum in any of the sessions. Most sessions usually went like this" I started off winning a fairly decent size pot,and then went completely card dead,and slowly bleed off all the profits, ending up a small winner or a loser. Or I started off running into a cooler hand and lose the first buyin and had to play the rest of the session in catch-up mode."

I think I have won only 1 pot of 1k+ this month, where that seems like a nightly thing for me last month. Another reason of me being down this month is I started off alot of my sessions at the 1/2 table this month, and ended up losing like 2-3 hundos before I got to the 2/5 by playing carelessly.

But I remind confident. After playing poker semi-professionally since last Sept when I moved up to the 2/5 at Nautica, I kinda get a feel to the ups and downs. And usually my downswing/card dead period doesn't last that long.
I don't consider this month to be a downswing, it's just a break-even period. I still haven't had the experience of a signficant downswing that every poker player is dreaded about. I hope it doesn't come lol.

The beauty of poker is you can be break even for half of the month, and then catch fire and get a couple of sessions of 1.5k+, and you can end the month up like 6-7k just like that. Of course it could go the other way, break even first half of the month, then catch a cold run of cards and down a couple of
grands. But like they said " That's Poker"...

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