Sunday, February 28, 2010


Card didn't go good today. Lost 700, one buy in at the 1/2, and 1 buy in at the 2/5. I didn't even bother to rebuy afterward. I just left because I knew no matter what I do, I was not going to win today.

Down to my last 120 at the 1/2. 5limpers, I raised to 25 at the button with AK. Only one middle easterne guy called. Flop came 733, he lead out for 25, I put him on the 7 or a mid pocket pair, he still had like 100ish behind. So i raised all in to represent an overpair. Of course he called me and his 67 suited held up. moral of the story, don't try to bluff an idiot.

Went to the 2/5, I actually played pretty decently. raised with 10 10, got one caller who is a crazy guy. flop came 356 with 2 hearts, he checked, I bet, he called, turn Qs, checked, and bet again, called again. River 5 paired the board, now he came out firing 200, I snap called and it was good. got to about 900.

Then over the next couple of hours, I was just card dead. I lost all my money on 2 hands. first hand 85, flop 647 and lost to a river boat of 64. 2nd hand, J8 in the BB, flop 1097 with 1 diamond, bet all the way and got called all the way and lost at the river to 106 of diamonds whne he hit runner runner flush. After that, I just got up and left, sometimes you know you just can't win no matter what you do.

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