Thursday, February 18, 2010

Are you supposed to softplay your friends on the poker table?

Basically tonight I took about 1700 dollars from little fag at the 2/5 in some cooler hands. He blamed me for being greedy for betting too hard. He said we have been playing together for years and I should have soft played my monster hands vs him. It got a little ugly, he literally was calling me a "greedy fuck". it was kind of awakard.

hand 1) I hit boat vs. his nut flush. took about 400.

hand 2) I hit quad ten's on the flop of 10 10 10, I had A10, he had pocket kings, he couldn't lay it down. I took about 400 from him that hand.

hand 3) I raised with JJ and flop came QJ2, i bet all the way, I think he had 88, turn came 2, river 8. and as I bet 400 at the river, he couldn't lay down the 88 full of deuces. Took about 700 from him that hand. Well this hand is debateable, He called my 2 big bets on the flop and turn with 88 and hit the 8 at the river.

hand 4) I raised as semi bluff with 98 on a J1010 board and hit the straight, and I min-raised him when he bet out 75 at the river. I put him on hands like Q10 and he called with his trip tens and lost to my straight.

I thought the goal of poker is to take each other's money? There are no friends on the poker table. It's a competitive game. It kinda made me feel a little bad though. But I'm sure nobody is going to soft play me when they have monster hands vs. me on the poker table. Nobody is going to give me the wink and signal of big hand telling me not to call them. And I don't want them to either. you gonna be prepared to win and lose against anyone on the poker table.

With that said, I would occasionally "softplay" a little bit vs. someone like the host DaveW and Mailman. Because I know the money involved in the 1/1 game means more to Dave than me. Also they are both very good people, he's opening up his house for people to come and enjoy poker. A very generous guy. And mailman working every week as the TD. But at the 2/5, I'm playing to win. I'm not going to let my monster hands go wasted. I could have taken his entire stack with that quad ten's, but I didn't. I know he's incapable of laying down pocket kings at that spot.

Regardless, I still feel a little bad. Good thing he made a nice comeback later tonight. So that made me feel a little better too.


  1. Softplaying friends is collusion.

    We sometimes do it in our Friday night, quarter-ante, dealer's choice, "wildcards are fun" game, where it's more about drinking and talking loud than card playing.

    But if it's real poker, then there shouldn't be any softplaying.

  2. Would lil fag "soft play" you on those hands? Didn't think so.


  3. You did the right thing Chan.

    When at a casino with friends, I'll tell them that I may not bluff them, but I am playing my game the way I usually play. But Gemini is not Vegas or MTR.

  4. ...forgot to mention, there is no way LF would soft-play you with strong hands.

    Bet them if you got them. Just remember to never bluff me. I am a calling station.

  5. Nobody would have soft played those monster hands against me. It's poker. There are no friends on the poker table.