Friday, February 26, 2010

Poker burned out...

I had played the most poker i've ever played in the past 3 weeks. All at the 2/5 NL. 5-6days a week, 8+hours a day. Result? Burned out from poker a few days ago. I was stressed out. Made good money but felt pretty miserable. This is why it's so hard to play poker for a living because of the burn out factor. Money is great, but at the end of the 3rd week, I wasn't having any fun anymore. It really felt like a god damn job. I had to drag myself into my car to drive to Gemini a couple of times. I was only doing it for 3 weeks, imagine people doing it years in and years out. It's so hard. And playing 2/5 means I had to concentrate and play my A game at all time. It really does take a toll on the brain and body for being intense all the time.

So I decided to take a couple of days off. Went to help out my uncle in his restaurant just to take my mind off poker for a bit. Tonight was the first time I played poker this week. I got there at about 9pm. Sat down at the 1/2NL because there were no seats at the 2/5. Tonight I felt like poker was fun again for me. After being off for a couple of days and playing at a smaller game, I didn't have to play my A game, and constantly thinking. I felt super relaxed tonight. When they called me to the 2/5, I just stayed at the 1/2NL because it was more fun. 2/5 feels like a battle, going to a war. 1/2 feels recreational, going to a park.

And what do you know, I just had the 2nd best 1/2 NL session ever tonight! my personal best session at 1/2 was at casino Windsor last year where I won 1400+ at the 1/2. Sat down with 200, I lost 200 fairly quickly by playing carelessly and bluffing. reloaded back up to 200, and 4hours later, I turned that 200 into 1655. Despite that I got sucked out for a 450 dollars pot with a 3outers by one of the Grayday's friend.(don't know his name, but I've played vs him in grayday's house before and saw him at Dave's before too. I could have came close to hiphop's 1/2 NL record if it weren't for that suckout. I was in for 400, so +1255 for 4hours at the 1/2 NL. Not a bad night.

When I cashed out, Colin asked me " how the hell do people keep paying you off"? I hit quad ten's again tonight and moved all in and got called by the guy with a fullhouse. Also hit the straight and moved allin and got called by a guy with (I think he had an overpair). There's just something about me that people don't seem to believe me when I bet.


  1. Full house pays off quads everytime chanster you fucking luckbox.

    Game all luck. Comon man.


  2. Besides the quads, I only hit about 3sets, 3runner runner fullhouses along the way. and had AA, KK like 5times? I would say I ran pretty decent.

  3. don't worry you still hold the record for most lost at 1/2 game!