Monday, February 1, 2010

Lucky hand for me?

this hand happened to me last night at Dave's 1/1 NL game. It definitely did not play like a 1/1 game. Grayday, Jammie, and me all have 700+ in front of us, Terry(before this hand), Tom gross and diablo had 200-300 too. I got super lucky on this hand, I was kicking myself at first then I said to myself after the hand is over "wow, i just saved myself 700 dollars".

Jamie raised to 7, I called with jacks, Terry called and 2-3 more called. flop came KJ4 rainbow. Jammie bet out 30, I thought about fast playing the set here since me and Jamie were so deep, and Jamie isn't big in folding. But somehow, my instinct was telling me to just call. part of it was because the bet of 30 is pretty big already and this board isn't that draw heavy. TK behind me, looked like he didn't want to call the 30, but he called too. Terry is not someone who chases gutshot for 30 dollars, I also think he would raise on the flop if he had hands like KQ to find out where he is. because Jamie isn't exactly someone who deserves credits when he's betting, he probably doesn't have a king if u got a king yourself. and I just flat calling, I probably had a draw. But Terry just called too, so I put him on Q10. Turn came 9. Now Jamie bet out 60, I looked at Terry's stack, he had about 250ish left? I thought to myself, damn jamie is fucking up this monster hand for me if Terry indeed had the Q10, then I couldnt see a cheap river card for the board to pair. I called the 60 too hoping Terry doesn't pop it up. Surely enough, Terry raised all-in for 190 more. and I knew he had Q10. I was really pissed off that I slow played the hand on the flop to allow terry to see the card, and also I was pissed at jamie for not realizing either me or terry who easily have the Q10 there. he has no ideas of pot control and hand reading. As I was doing some math in my mind to see if i could call this raise, Jamie looked confused as hell, and after some deliberation, he finally called the 190. My 6th sense was telling me, jamie doesn't just have hands like AK here, yes,Jmaie is not someone who would fold AK here, but just the way he called and the way he bet so strongly lead me to believe he had more than just 1 pair hand. Maybe he has AA? I was really frustrated as I was about to let a "monster hand of set of jacks" go wasted. As I was doing the math, i'm getting like 4-1 to my money? not to mention if the board if paired up at the river, Jamie still has like 400, and I could still win 400 from him. he's not going to fold AK or AA. Somehow this hand just dind't smell right for me, my 6th sense was on full effect last night, I was telling myself "could I be drawing dead here? maybe Jamie had KK"? After letting out a big sigh, I folded the JJ. and river came another 4 to paired up the board. I was like "FUCK!" Jamie didn't show the hand, and Terry said "straight" and Jamie looked really pissed off too, his face was read. he threw his cards into the muck faced down. and terry scooped up a 600+ dollasr pot.

Then I said to myself, i guess jamie dind't have set of kings. god damint, why dind't I call the 190. All the sudden when I told Jamie what I had, and the board paired up as I would have won it with the full house. Jamie's eyes lighten up, he said" I had pocket kings, I didn't see the full house". Well, his hand was already in the muck, nobody saw his hand, I didn't see it either, but I sticked with my 6th sense was telling me that he had more than a top pair hand. I believed him having KK, but Terry didn't believe him. (Well, terry doesn't believe alot of things, he also doesn't believe I folded the aces full of ten's, he said that hand never happened. lol)

So, why a lucky hand for me? Depsite I would have "won" a huge pot with jack's full. Because I believe in my instinct and jamie's words that he had KK. So if i called too, and i would have saw the fullhouse, so would have jamie, and rest of our stacks were goiong to go in at the river, and no, this time I would NOT be folding Jacke's full of 4's on that board!not against Jamie at least. Also, if I fast played the set on the flop and Jamie and I got all my money in at on the flop, I would have lost my entire stack.

Nobody saw jamie's hand except himself, but I will trust my instinct and Jamie's words. I really believe he had KK. Ask him next time if u see him to see if he indeed had the KK. Terry's argument is "if jamie had KK, it would be impossible for him to miss the boat because he would be looking for the boat" But I think this is the reason why Jamie missed the boat " When some people flop a HUGE hand like top set, they get excited, so in their mind, their hand is unbeatable. and they get extremely disappointed when someone announced a hand that beat him which in this case when TK said " straight". In my opinion, right at the moment there, Jamie's brain stopped working as he was extremely disappointed that his unbeatable top set got beaten. he had a brain fart, and tossed in the cards.

I will be willing to bet anyone 50 dollars on the odds of Jamie had KK. Nobody saw his hand except himself. there's no way to prove it i guess, but a bet is a bet.

On a side note, if someone like mailman was involved in that hand taking jamie's spot, and we still had like 500 behind after the river came for the board of Kj494, I would have folded JJ to Mailman at spot. Another unblieveable fold huh? Actually its not a very tough fold at all at that spot vs. someone like mailman with JJ. Because the only hand I could beat there is if mailman had 99. highly unlikely as he would not bet 30 on the flop with 99 into 4-5 players behind him. With given action as he moved all in at the river for 500, He could only do it with KK. This is why we should never only play our own hand strenght.


  1. Damn Chan....You're English is really great. Better than most people on the message board.

    Nice hands btw.

    Perhaps you are at level 2 after all....ha


  2. chan you are a fucking moron. you slowed played a monster. good luck in your poker careers you fucking nit.

  3. There is no way Jamie had KK there. Why would he call my $190 All-In on that board with a set of Kings if he wasn't looking to improve? And when he does improve he mucks his hand? I don't believe it.


  4. Great laydown, by the way. I'm not sure I could have done that.

  5. I know what you are saying Terry. But I still think jamie had the KK.

    I think Jamie didn't put you on the straight, so hence he still thought his set of kings was the best hand when all the money went in at the turn. So, he wasn't looking to improve his set of kings at the river. and when you announced u had the straight, he had a brain fart there.