Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Did I make the correct laydown?

Got there at about 7pm on Monday. Sat down with DP at the 1/2 first, broke even, went to the 2/5 NL at about 8:30pm. Rebought 300 more. Slow played AA on the button to a raise, and quickly got my stack up to 800. Raised with 107 of diamonds to 30 at middle position. I wanted to balance my raising range, I purposely raised 6x the BB to 30 with suited connector. Only one caller, flop came A96 with 2 diamonds, I lead out 50, the donkey quickly raised me to 150. He only had about 350 behind, I wanted to move in but I know he's not folding. There was no folding equality vs. those donkies. He looked strong too. So, I called the 100, and hit the perfect card at the turn, an off suited "8". I got the hidden nuts straight. I checked, he moved allin, and I instantly called. and my hand held up. That got me to about 1600. Then this hand happened:

A good Nautica regular player raised to 25 at mid position, I looked down at A10 of diamonds at the cutoff, I called. Flop came A109 with 2 clubs, he let out for 50, I raised him to 125. He didn't look happy and called the rise quickly. Turn came A. Now I got the absolute nuts, he checked, since we were both so deep, he had over 2k, I wanted to get some value, I bet out 200. He thought about a second and called the 200. River came J. He checked again, I thought to myself " this is a great spot, he probably has Aq, or Ak" So I bet out 400, and he thought about a bit and said "All-in". I had about 1k left. My instinct told me he's so strong, I went over a couple of hands in my mind. Would he really do it with A9 here? My image is fairly tight at the table, A10, Aj are definitely part of my range, i think he knows that. He's not like majority of the donkies at the 2/5 who overplay hands. I 100% ruled out he had AK, AQ. He would never played AK AQ like that. Does he have JJ, or 99 for under fullhouse? I seriously doubt it. He wouldnt called my turn bet of 200 with JJ on the board of AA109, if he had 99, he probably would have re-raised me at the flop after I raised him to 125 due to a such drawy board. He must have AJ, that's the only hand that makes the perfect sense given the action on each street. He has to have AJ, thats what I was thinking. But it wsa still a tough fold given I was only beaten by 1 specific hand. But I folded and he didn't show. I guess we would never know, but he's a fairly good player, I think I made the right fold. But we never know. Maybe we had the same hand.


  1. I think he had A9... He thought the same as you. Only AJ or AT beat him. good spot to push....

  2. Terrible lay down Chan. You suck.

  3. It's possible he could have A9. I dont think he has JJ or 99 or 10 10. He would not overplay under fullhouse considering how deep we were. He's a good thinking player. The way I played my hand, It looked like I had A10, AJ or A9, at worse a under fullhouse.

    Here's the reasonw hy I don't think he had A9 or A10. When i raised him to 125 on the flop, I could tell he didn't take that long to decide what to do. if he had 2pair or set of 9's on the flop, I think he would have taken a little longer to decide what to do. Aj makes perfect sense for the hand on every street. quick call on the small raise on the flop not laying down Aj just yet, called my 200 at the turn to play a little pot control, and check raised all in confidently when he had the nuts. Also, AJ is a more likely a raising hand than A9. Remember he raised pre flop. I forgot to check the suit of the 9, 3 aces were out and I wonder if A9 suited was a possible hand.

  4. you are a joke. i can't wait for you to be deported!