Saturday, January 16, 2010

Friday at Eddie J's..

Well, I can pretty much summarize up the whole night tonight as Chan vs. Patty night. I don't really know who she is, but I have seen her around mostly at Eddie J's. I would think I got the best of her tonight.

Bought in for 150, reloaded 50bucks each 2 times,so I was in for 250 within the first hour or so. I was bluffing like crazy, and Patty sitting directly to my right was not having any of that. We battled all night long and fortunately I came out ahead.

hand 1) I limped with 34o, she raised to 5, I called. Flop K34, I checked, she fired out 12, I check raised to 25, she instant called. turn was 6, i fired out 40, and she called, river came 8, I pushed all in for 96 and she tanked and tanked and called me with pocket 5's!! yes, she called me with 4th pair.

hand 2) I raised to 5 with JJ on the small blind, she called at the BB. Flop J54 with 2 clubs, good flop! I lead out small bet of 5bucks, she raised me to 15, I called. turn 2, I bet out 10bucks, she called, and river 4. I fired out 60 and she called.

hand 3) She has been on super tilt, I think she blew thru like 2-3 buy-ins, most of those went to me. She left for a while, probably to the ATM, and she came back and rebought for 150. I limped with 23,she raised to 5 again, I called. flop came 965,i checked, she bet 15, I check raised her to 40, she called. turn came queen, i asked her how much she got, she was mad " you gonna take all my money again"? , i saw she had about 110ish, I fired out 60, and she folded KK faced up! yes, you read it right, she folded KK! I showed my 23 and that didn't sit too well with her, it was like adding salt to the wound.

hand 4) Eddie J raised to 4, I called with 35, she re-raised to 15, folded to me. i asked her if she wanted me to call or not, I said it's up to her. she said she doesn't care. so i called. flop 10j4 all spades, I checked, she checked, turn was 8, I fired out 25 and she threw the cards into the muck and I showed 53o.

There were a couple of more interseting hands but I remember mostly hands vs. super tilty Patty. Ended the night cashing out 655, so +405, not too bad after down 100 within like first hour.


  1. Damn, I knew I shoulda went to that game. Just takes one "good" player to make your night.


  2. U should have pete. patty aint big in folding I tell you that much. She hates when people play really aggresive and raises all the time. She will play back at you.