Sunday, January 24, 2010

Gemini club.

Nice place indeed. I really like it. It blows Nautica out of the water. I've played there every day since they opened it up.

Day1) I came with the idea of just checking the place out. I did register for their 7pm tournament just to see what the structure is like. I was suprised. It's a great structure for a such low buyin public tournament. Coupled with almost professional dealers, we got it moving along quickly. I busted out with 85suited on the button. But I know I made the right play just got outlucked by a stupid donkey. Basically there were like 3-4limpers, and I had been card dead, I was down to about 5k with blinds at 200/400. I didn't think anyone was strong, so I moved in for 5k with 85suited and everyone folded except this donkey who had only 8k total in chips. he called off almost 2/3 of his stack with 33. And I lost the race. cash game didn't go too well either, down 130.

Day2) Didnt play at the tourney. lost about 300 in the cash game at 1/2. I lost my first buy in when this donkey hit a runner runner 4 card flush. I had QQ, he had Ak, I raised, he re-raised me, and i called. flop came Q52 with 2 spades, I checked and he moved all in, I called with top set and came runner runner spades and he showed AK with ace of spades. All I could do was shaking my head. But it's going to happen to you in poker. I could not get anything going all night. left down about 300.

Day3) Finally, I went to the 2/5 tonight. I actually started off at 1/2 waiting for the seat at the 2/5. My luck changed tonight, I almost doubled up at the 1/2 to 400. Rebought 100 more and sat down at the 2/5NL. I really feel like I was in the zone tonight, made some great calls,(you like that call with 33, Grayday?) and basically just value owned the shit out of those old nits. I maximized the values of my hands which mostly only consisted of 1 pair. All night, my reads were dead spot on. I didn't flop any big hands or got cooler hands, I just had all my top pair or overpair hands held up, and I got the most values out of them. Played for like 5hours and cashed out
almost 1800, pretty good night.

Recently, I've been slacking off when I'm up a decent amount in poker. I feel like this is one of my biggest leaks now, I dont play my A game at all time. I also feel a little cocky when I'm winning, and want to be too creative with fancy play sydrome. I need to stick to my solid game. NL cash game can be very dangerous and costly with 1 careless mistake.

Example hand) At Mountainner this Tuesday, I had about 700 in front of me at the 1/2, I basically just owned those nits again with thin value bets. Then came this hand. I limped with KcJs at early position, button limped and the SB who is an Asian guy, he's kinda tight and not very good I would say. He raised to 12, He had about 250 in front of him. I called. And button called. flop came 10J2 with 2 clubs. Now the Asian guy came out and bet rather small of 15 dollars, this bet just screams Ak, AQ type of hand. Those people never bet that small with made hands, not on this drawy board. I just called and the button folded. turn was the Ace of clubs, putting 3 clubs on the board. Now he came out and bet 30, another kinda smallish bet. I had 2nd pair with nut flush draw and also a gutshot to the queen. I called again. and river bricked out. Now he came out and bet 35, which is a tiny bet. I know he has AK or AQ and just wanting to get a cheap showdown. So i decided to turn my made hand into a bluff, because I know I couldnt win the hand if I just called. I raised him to 165 and he tanked, tanked, and finally made a crying call with AK. A good player would have folded there. I cant blame anyone but myself for the fancy play symdrome. This happens to me alot when I'm up and feel like I'm the best player on the table and I can and need to win every single pot.

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