Tuesday, January 5, 2010

1/2 Mountainner edition.

Well, another session of the new year, same old result. Went down to mountainner today, got there at about 11:30pm. There was only 2 tables of 1/2 tables going. I sat down with 300, right from the start, I flopped a set, and won 140 dollars. Good start. I thought maybe today was my day where I became a card rack. Not so fast. I was totally card dead just like when I was in MGM. Lost a 150 dollars pot to a suckout at the river. But this is what you get for calling a raise with 23 and call on the flop with a gutshot. Basically I had 23, flop came A410, I called a bet and hit the "5". and we got all he money in at the turn, and river another ace. the guy turned over 44.

Not too many interesting hands to talk about, I did get lucky on a hand though. I limped with AQ suited UTG, next guy who's a tight nit who has about 600 in front of him thanks to his luck, also limped. A crazy player raised to 12, he has been doing that for a while. 2 callers behind him. back to me, I limp-reraised to 120 with about 200 behind. The tight nit player sat there forever, my instinct told me i was way behind his range, so I was praying he doesn't call. It took him like a good 3-4mins before he mucked his cards. everyone folded. and I won about 40bucks uncontested. After the hand, he told me he had KK and he put me on Aces. I told him" good read, you are a good player". He's all happy "I knew you had aces".

Total for the day, +9 dollars in poker. Went to the other side of the casino, and played some blackjac, didn't lose much but my worst game in casino is definitely blackjack. I can nevr win in that damn game.

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