Monday, June 14, 2010

hand of the week..

hand 1) 1/1 game at Colin's. Danny raised to 6, i called with 75o, Jeff Rigler also called. Flop came 654 with 2 clubs, danny bet out 20, I called and Riglier called too. turn came 10s, Danny checked, and I checked too, and Riglier pushed all in instantly for 97. Danny quickly folded, I was like" wtf does he have"? He's usually a standard straight forward ABC type of player. But the previous week when we played at Dave's. He raised with 23 of diamonds, flop came K72, he bet out, I called with 87, turn was brick, he pushed all in, I had to give him credit because he's a pretty standard solid player, I folded my 2nd pair and he showed me 23 of diamonds. I was like "man, I didn't know he was capable of that". I guess every poker player has that "bluffy animal instinct" inside of them. Some people just don't do it often enough, but evryone LOVES the feeling of bluffing someone out of a better hand. I've been trying for years to control that "animal instinct" inside of me.

Anyway back to the hand, I sat there, my instinct was telling me he didn't have much there. But what hand could he have? I looked at the flop, it was a really drawy board of 654 with 2 clubs, danny bet 20, I just smooth called. if Rigler had hand like flopped straight or 2 pair, with the way he plays, I think he would push all in on the flop to stop the flush/straight draw. He's never ever just smooth called too on the flop with 2 guys in before him with any straights, or even set/2 pair. so, I put him on a draw too. now, turn came 10s, danny check, it means he doesnt have anything. I checked too, showing some weakness. and he pushed all in for 97, over betting the pot. I really thought he had a some type of draw type of hand, i didnt' think he had a pair on the flop. But he could have a hand like 10cXc type of hand, hitting top pair on the turn with flush draw. But he was really nervous, I just didn't think he had any pair there. So, after thinking for a bit, I called. and indeed he didn't have anything, he actually had A3o. river brickd out, and I won a pretty decent size of pot.

With that said, I would have never made that call if he didn't show me the 23 of diamonds the week before. I was always thought he was a solid player. When he bets big, he almost always have it.

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  1. Game is all luck. I haven't had a losing session since April. Haven't played since April. You'll have that.