Thursday, July 15, 2010

Fun night at Nautica

tonight was a sick night for me at Nautica.

hand 1)2nd hand I sat down, I had KJ, flop came KQJ, turn K, and I lost my first buyin to KQ right away.

hand 2) I had 99, flop came K79 with 2 diamonds, one guy bet out 18, I made it 40, and he called. turn was 4 of diamonds, and he instantly went all, i had about 250, he had me covered. I was like man, there's no way he would bet this big without a flush, but then why the hell would he go all in with flush though?" as I was sitting there thinking, he started talking " hey, I got 2 pair with king of diamonds". I didn't really believe him, so I said to him" I have KQ with queen of diamonds, i m thinking about calling you, I just dont belive you have 2 pair unless u show me a card". And he did, he showed me "7 of spades" lol, soon as I saw that card, I knew my 9's was the best hand, and I snap called. river another 7. He turned over K7 but with king of hearts. my better full house took it down.

hand 3)the same guy with K7 from previous hand limped for 2 dollars, I made it 12 on the button with JJ, one guy called and he called. flop came 984 with 2 spades, the sb checked, he bet out 35 into a 38 dollars pot, that's a
pretty big bet, i just didn't think he would play 2 pair like that or a I shipped it all in for 400 and he tanked, tanked forever and finally made a tilt call with 109. and my hand held up, I'm up to about 900 right now.

hand 4) one guy raised to 7, i called in the sb with QJ. 4 other guys called. flop came Ak10 all hearts. so i flopped a straight but without a heart. I checked, another guy checked, and this guy who just moved from another table bet out 60 into like 35 dollars pot. folded back to me, he had
215 behind. Since he just sat down, i had no read on him. Yes he could have a flush but would he really bet almost 2x the pot with made flush? after thinking for a solid 2-3mins, I thought he probably had hand like A10 for 2 pair. Those donkies seomtimes overbet the pot with 2 pair to protect their hand. So i shipped it all in and he called. he turned over 75 of hearts and I was drawing dead. that hand knocked me back down to about 600.

I stacked off this new guy twice, but he only bought in for 150 each time, so that got me to about 900 again. then it came the biggest hand of the night.

hand 5) I limped with A2 of clubs, 4 limpers and this middle eastern guy at the BB made it 18 to go, he has been doing it all night. I called and everyone else called. Flop came J98 all clubs, I flopped the nut flush! Now the pre flop raiser bet out 75, he had about 180 behind, I just smooth called, and to my suprise, all 3 guys called behind me. I was like shit, maybe someone has a set or 2 pair. Turn came a 5 of diamonds, a perfect brick. Now the pre flop raiser shipped it all in for 180, i had about 750 in front me, the next 2 guys were really deep too, they both had over 500. Afte r thinking for a while, I thought the pot was big enough, I shipped it all in for 750, and the next 2 guys folded. but the 3rd guy called off his last 120. So the pot had about 800. river king of spades and my hand held up.

That got me to about 1600.

hand 6) UTG +1 who is kinda solid player, doesnt play many hands. he made it 12 to go, folded back to me, I called in the BB with A6 suited. flop came 1063 with 2 clubs, I checked, he bet 25, we were both so deep. I called, turn came A of spades, now I got 2 pair. I checked again, he thought about for a second and fired out 75, I called. and river Q didnt complete any flush. I checked again, he thought about for a sec and counted out 2 stacks of reads " 200" . I was like damn, I really think I cna't be good here. The only hand I could beat there was AK, he would never bet this much with AK at the river. he had to have a set, either 1010, AA or even QQ. all thsoe hands made sense with the lines he took. After thinking for a solid 3mins, I folded my A6. I told him I folded A6, and he was nice enough to tell me that he had 1010.

What a wild night tonight, I played so many big pots, was all in so many times, but after bruises and blood, I came out cashing 1445 for a profit of 1045.

On a side note, I really like this free minded 1/2 games. 2/5 is just too stressful sometimes, playing vs same old 20-30 players who grind the 2/5 for a living. I looked over my record for the past 2 weeks at 1/2. I definitely ran super hot, my average is like 88 dollars per hour at the 1/2 LOL. damn, why would I play 2/5 when I can achieve close to 90 dollars win rate at 1/2 with zero stress.

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