Sunday, December 6, 2009


I totally got slaughtered at Dave's last night. Didn't make the tournament, then lost 300 dollars in cash game. SpecialK called all 3 of my bluffs, and twice I river 2 pair and someone also rivered the straight or flush. Another time I hit my bottom 2 pair and Father Joe had top set of kings. Re-raised with Jacks and ran into QQ. After down to my last 100, I went over to the 8 game's to try my luck. In the PLO round, the money went all in at the turn with me holding JJQ9 vs. Colin's 101073 on the board of J6510 rainbow. Of course the rive came '4' for the straight. I'm not much of Omaha player, but what's the equivalent of losing to a gutshot in Omaha comparing to holdem? I would imagine is like losing to a "1" outer at Hold'em at the river.

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