Friday, December 4, 2009

25/50 cents..

Stopped by Grayday's 25/50 cents game tonight, played like a total donkey. Raised every hand. Went all in with A5 vs. grayday's AK on A23 board. Went all in with flush draw vs. Timmy's AA, and lost. Was in for 200, down to like 25 at one point, slowly built it back up. Then thanks to a hand where this guy to the left of me, he said he has 46 dollars left and was going to go all in pre flop. So folded to me, I raised to 46 dollars pre flop in 25/50 cents game. I'm guessing that's a pretty bad play? I only raised it 92x BB pre flop. He said he only looked at one card and called me, I knew he had an ace, so I told him "you are ahead". of course flop came down KJ9. That got me back a little bit, then I over flushed someone with Q2 and won another decent size pot. cashed out 150, i'm happy I was only down 50 bucks with the way I was playing.

On a side note, I think Timmy has potentials to be a great poker player.