Sunday, December 13, 2009


My last hand I played at Dave's last night.

The pot was 5 ways all in on the flop, flop came down A75 with 2 hearts, here's what everyone had.

Father Joe : AQ
Host Dave :55
me: 77
Danny: not sure but i think he had some sort of draws or an Ace-rag
Karl Tsu: A9 of hearts for top pair, nut flush draw.

Basically everyone moved all in after a couple of raises, reraises.

Turn came the 10 of hearts and river bricked out. Karl MF Tsu took down a 500+ dollars pot. NH.

No wonder neither Dave or Me boated it up, because all the freaking cards that needed to pair the board were basically all out. I was drawing to basically 3 outs at the river( the 3 10's). But I did have the best hand going in on the flop. Dave, Danny, Father Joe were baically all drawing to 1 outer( Dave's quad 5's) to beat me. If only I could dodge the flush draw.

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