Sunday, November 29, 2009

hand of the week no.1

This hand happened last night at Dave's between Timmy and me.

At this point, I have about 550 in front of me and nobody else on the table has over than 150. Timmy just been pretty card dead, not playing many hands. And I have been playing really aggresive and hitting. Anyway, here's the hand:

Timmy limps, I limp behind him with J7o, Riglier limps on the button and Danny raises to 5, Timmy calls, I call and Riglier calls. flop comes down K54 rainbow, Everyone checks. Turn is J, Danny checks again, I don't think he has anything at this point, maybe A10, AQ. Timmy checks again, I bet out 12. Folds around to Timmy, he check-raises to 30. I'm like what can Timmy have here?

I really don't think he has anything, he has about 70 behind. Although Timmy is sorta on a tight poker bankroll, most young kids are. Even though he is not a tight player, he generally doesn't get out of lines too much when raising. He's definitely capable of bluffing though. I decide to call the 18 dollars and see what he does at the river.

River comes down 3, and Timmy shoves all in for 70. My first instinct is to call, I really can't see him having any hand here. Because when you look at the board, it's K54J by the turn, even the board is still rainbow, any decent players who aren't the totally passive nits would bet at the turn if he has any sorta of big hands like set, 2 pair. Timmy is a player who will definitely bet 95% of the time if he has one of those big hands. If he checks again, he fails to build the pot and risk of the hand gets checked around again because only me and Rigliger behind him to act. He's never checking there. Factored in I've been running the table over and he has been card dead, the table dynamic, the fact that I only bet 12, I'm most likely has a marginal hand like hitting the J or on a complete steal. The check raise on the turn play by Timmy is understandable and makes sense.

Now he goes all in at the river, I 95% rule out he has 2 pair or a set, the only hand I'm really worried about is 67, maybe he's semi bluff at the turn, and hitting the straight at the river. But I also think Timmy would probably bet the turn with open ended straight draw after the pre flop raiser Danny checks twice. Also, if he hit the nut stiraght at the river, he probably would take a little time deciding how much to bet. He instantly goes all in.
So I put him on some sorta of gutshot draw at the turn, and misses on the river, or a complete stone cold bluff due to putting me on a marginal hand like 2nd pair, which he would be correct.

Afer thinking over 2-3 minutes, I flip over my J7, and say to Timmy" Even though I only have 2nd pair here, I think i'm good here". So I call and Timmy mucks. He never show, I think it was a stone cold bluff.

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