Sunday, November 15, 2009

Variance finally caught up with me...

I've been on a roll at cash game, don't know when was the last time I actually had a loss at a cash game, so poker god came on last night to remind me that he still exists.

Lost 330 at Dave's cash game last night. Basically all to 2 hands.

hand 1) timmy raises to 4, bill D calls, I call with 66. Flop comes A65, Bill D leads out with 10 dollars bet, he's as tight straight forward as a poker gets, so I immediately puts him on a big ace or even set of 5's. I just smooth call, because timmy raises pre flop, he might have a big ace. I'm hoping Timmy raises it up, he just calls too. turn is 7. Now Bill D checks, I bet out 25, and timmy raises 55, Billy D pushes all in for 200ish? I have like 90 behind, There's no hand I can put BillD on, I don't think he has 34, or 89. He's not a type of player who calls a raise with 34, and he doesn't lead out with gutshot. Now timmy is different story, he can raise with any 2 cards, he can definitely have the 89 or 34. But he only have about 50 left. I actually put Bill D on set of 5's. or A7. So I go all in too, and Timmy actually folds 34 for the smaller straight. and BillD shows 89 for the nuts, I mean since when does BillD leads out with gutshot? Is this his twin brother?

hand 2) Raise with KK to 4, only Timmy calls. Flop comes K63, I bet out 10, Timmy calls, turn is 4, I bet out 25, timmy makes it 65, I go all in for my 150 and he calls. river bricks out, he shows 25 for the straight. GG man.

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