Monday, November 9, 2009

Another Sunday session..

Was going to go to Julie's tourney, I enjoy playing tournaments with the CPMG people. Only if I could cash more often, and not being out so quickly. Recently, I have been the first out in the tournmanets. Since there's no a cash game afterward, I figure if I drive 40mins to make it to the tourney and only have to drive back in like 30mins later, that would suck. But that wasn' t the main reason I didn't come, I had to go to Chinatown do some grocery shopping and didn't get home until like 1:50pm.

So I took a little afternoon nap, went to nautica again at about 7:00. got sat down at the 2/5 at 8pm. bought in for 500, right away I won some medium size pots and got up to about 800ish. Then this hand happened:

I limp UTG with AQo, 3 limpers, then this young kid on the button raises to 30, both the blinds call. I've seen this young kid do alot of raises at late positions, and I saw him showing down hands like Q10 when he raised pre flop at late position. So that raise to 30 doesn't mean he has a very strong hand. Besides, I haven't played many hands and I would say my image on the table is very solid/tight. and I have an ace at my hand, it decreases his chance of having aces, so now there's about 110 dead money in the pot, calling a raise with AQ out of position in multi-way pot is a suicide play. so I re-raise to 130, I'm confident he would fold even AK, only hand I am worried about is KK. Folds to him and he doesn't take long before folds, now to my suprise, the BB calls the 100. I immediately put him on a pocket pair, those people have no clues of pot odds, he only has about 350ish behind, he doesn't have the odds to call for a set, but those donkeys don't know that. now the flop comes 89J, about the worst flop possible, he checks to me, I bet out 140, no point of betting big here, those donkeys aren't going to fold if they have some hand. and he check raises me all in for about 200 more. and I have to fold my AQ. He told me he had AJ, I told him" no way you had AJ". then he laughed and said he had set of 8's.

After that hand, no many interesting hands for me, pretty boring session. I cashed out +190 for a small profit day.

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  1. Hi Chan, People can always stay to play cash games at my house if they like. It is just that usually people do not hang around to do that. Sorry you did not come and play. ;-) Julie