Monday, November 23, 2009

Oh another thing...

I think I haven't won a tournament in 2 years....What has happened to my tournament games? I used to dominate at the Steve's basement tournaments for 2 years. Was the biggest winner there at tournaments, most wins on Pokerstars in wins though I played alot of tournaments. and have one of the better looking RIO% graph on sharkscope on my 550+ SnG tournaments prior to my current long drought.. so what has happened to my tourney game?

One of the biggest difference i notice at my tourney game after I switched over to cash game is now I've lost alot of my aggression. I used to over value hands strength in cash game when i was a tourney player. Now I under value hands in tournaments due to being a cash game player. Another problem is I call way too many bets on the flop with hands like 2nd pair, which might be a standard call on cash game, it's not suited for tournament plays. and i play way too many hands in tournaments. I play so many hands in cash game, it's just not going to work in tournaments. I have to restrain myself from wanting to see too many flops in tourney.

Looking back of my poker playing development, I started off as a totally maniac overly aggresive. made a little adjustment, tighten up, and became a good tourney player. Then siwtched to cash game player, now I become a very loose player. Not necessary aggresive, just very loose, play all kind of hands. I think being overly aggresive at the beginning is good, it developed my hand reading skills because I was put to tough decisions over and over again playing that aggresive style. Maybe I will go back to my old tourney style soon. Bring back the TAG, let go the LA"g".

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