Monday, November 23, 2009

Job vs Poker..

The only poker session I played was at Dave's for the past 10+days. I don't know what it is, but just don't feel motivated to drive to Nautica. This is what having a job can do to you. It makes you lose the sense of urgency and motivation for poker. It's almost like making you "lazy" in the poker sense, because you don't have to worry about your bills/rent with a job. I will admit, poker is definitely more fun when playing as a recreation. I can play like a maniac, and not worry about the consequence especially at the lower stake games. Even enough I have big enough bankroll for 2/5 now, losing say like 1.5k, which is only 3 buyins, still makes me sick to my stomach. So I trust myself to still play disciplined poker at the 2/5- whenever that might be.

Having one job is bad enough for poker, I just recently got a second part time job. My friend who works in a Chinese Newspaper, he said I'm good at writing stories. So he introduced me to the editor of a Chinese Newspaper based on Chicago IL with a branch here at Cleveland. It's not a totally non profit organization, we do make some money off the Ads. But the Newspaper is not very big in circulation. It's mainly targeted for the Chinese populations reside at Midwest region. My job is to come up with good stories with the current events happening around the Chinese community around the U.S and in china. I need to write 2+ articles a week. It pays very little(I could make more at the 25/50 cents game) but I really enjoy it. I'm finally doing some white-collar work instead of doing blue collar works all my life.
Maybe I will stop by Nautica one of those times after my meeting at downtown next time.

And on a side note, Fulltilt is pissing me off. I did a bankwire cashout all my money and they suspended my account for some reason asking me to send me copies of my ID and bills paper. Which is BS. This is the whole reason of why I chose the bankwire over check option because I dont have to go thru the troubles of sending in ID information.

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