Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Action, Action, Action, Action.......

Did someone say ACTION?

Tonight was the most action packed 2/5 NL action I've played so far. I've been playing very solid poker at the 2/5 level, Usually lose or win 1 buyin. but tonight, I played some huge pots after pots. Too many big hands to talk about, so I'm going to skip thru the thought process and just briefly touch on each hand.

Before I go thru the 2/5 hands, I was sat at the 1/2 next to Diablo for a bit, only to run into set over set. Lost 120 on that hand. MikeT was on the same table, like he said, good thing I got the set over set on the 1/2, could have been alot uglier at the 2/5. So after 30mins, I got called to the 2/5 and rebought 400 more.

hand 1) I'm at SB with KK, 3 limpers in front of me including EC at the button. I raise to 45, everyone folds to EC, of course he calls, why wouldn't he? Flop comes down 852 with 2 hearts, I bet out 80, he goes all in for 500+, which has me covered, I only have about 450. I just can't fold to EC, so I call, turn 10 of hearts, river Q of club. he shows 89 of hearts for the flush. There goes my first buy-in.

hand 2) rebought 500 more, EC limps, I limp behind him with Q10, now BB raises to 35, of course EC calls, I call with Q10. Flop comes KJ9. The BB thinks and bets out 80, EC folds, I raise him to 200, he instantly shoves all in, of course I instantly call! Turn 8, river A. he rolls over KK, I show my Q10 for the nuts, he starts berating me" how the fuck did you call 35 with Q10o"? I say "I'm on tilt!"

hand 3) I have 1200 in front of me right now, 5 limpers, I limp on the button with 34 of spades. Flop comes 652 with 2 diamonds. The BB leads out with 50, one calls, EC makes it 250, he has about 1100. I'm like "damnit, can this really be happening? I have the nuts and EC just makes it 250" EC does semi bluff alot, maybe he has straight and flush draw or a set or 2 pair. But I aint in no mood to fold the nuts on the flop. The other 2 guys only have about 300 dollars, so they don't worry me. So I push all in for 1200. EC was like" holy shit, you are the first guy that comes over top of me for 1000+". He looks confident, looks like he's trying to get the other 2 playres to go all in too. Of course the other 2 players go all in too, and EC immediately goes all in too for 1100. Turn brick, river brick. The BB shows a set, the other player shows 78 of diamonds for straight flush draw, EC shows 34o, and me and EC chops up a 3k+ pot. EC was like " man, I was counting your money already in my head when you push over the top of me with that 1200 dollars raise". Well, I was disappointed too to chop the pot.

Hand 4) about 100 dollars pre flop, I call a raise with 55 on the button. Flop comes J52 with 2 clubs, Tommy the Asian guy bets 50, Ec calls, I make it 150, Both Tommy and EC calls. turn 8 of clubs, now tommy comes out and bets 200, EC tanks and finally folds. I know he has the flush, so I ask him how much he has behind, he say 300. So I do a quick calculation, the pot has about 500? + the 200 he's betting, and I know I will get rest of his stack if I boat up. So i'm calling 200 to win 1k+? So i call, and river brick out and Tommy slows down and we both check, he shows 94 of clubs for the flush.

Hand 5) I start getting really aggresive, but unforunately no cards to back me up. by 11:00pm, I only have about 550 in front of me. Now comes this hand. I limp UTG with Q9 of spades, the next guy raises to 20, 3-4 calls including this old guy who just sat down. I call. Flop Q96 with 2 hearts, I bet out 70, the pre flop raiser calls, folds to that BB guy, he makes it 150, Well if he has 66, then it's just not my night I guess. I push all for total of 550, pre flop raiser folds, and the BB calls me. turn 8,river 10. I 'm like "shit, I could be beat here". He rolls over AA. So he didn't re-raise pre flop with AA, and he got screwed for that.

hand 6) Now I have about 1200 in front of me again at about 11:40, the same guy with AA last hand pushes all in with his last 65? I call with AJ, like 6 callers. I'm like damn, people want to gamble at late hours. Flop comes AJ6 with 2 spades, I was about to lead out with a bet, the guy next to me who has been on tilt all night announces" I'm all in" for 285, so I guess I check lol. the Jay guy who plays at Monday night's game at Little fag's. The same guy that went down to smoke and got robbed I think. He instantly calls the 285, he has about 600 behind. folds back to me. With the way Jay calls the 285, it doesn't seem like he has a hand like 55. I put him on big Ace or A5. So once again, i say to myself, if he has 55, then it's just poker. So I announce" I'm all in" for 1200. Jay thinks and folds Ak faced up. the first guy shows AQ, and my hand holds up for drawing a big pot.

Total cash out for the night 2050. Was in for 1100 though. so profit 950. not bad. and tonight I feel like poker was fun again! I crave action baby!!!

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