Sunday, November 8, 2009

After a long break, I'm back..

I haven't played at Nautica for 2 weeks. I only played poker twice the past 2 weeks and both were at Dave's. So tonight, I was going to go to Dave's, but I figured I would go check out Nautica for a bit.

Got sat down at the 1/2 first because there wasn't any seats for 2/5NL. Played about 40mins, broke dead even. Didn't pay my seat fee too, they forgot!

After the 40mins, I got moved to the 2/5 table. Sat down with 500. Basically, my stack was up and down, up to 800, down to 300. But I never had to rebuy or reload. Here are some of the interesting hands I played.

hand 1) This hand was the first time I ever turned my hand into a bluff at the 2/5 live game. Everyone folds to me at the cutoff, I raise to 20 with Q9suited, only the BB calls. The BB is an asian guy, he's not necessary tight, but he's very predictable. He doesn't get out of lines too much. Basically straight forward type of player. Anyway, flop comes Q107 with 2 spades, he checks to me, I bet 30, he thinks a bit and calls. At this point, I'm putting him on hands like AQ, KJ, 2 spades or some other straight draws. Since he doesn't get out of line too much, I figured to be KJ the most likely hand. Turn is a King. now he thinks a bit and checks again. I bet 50 to charge the draw hands, and if he has KJ, he just hit top pair, if I bet 50 at the turn, he might call, I know he's not raising me. He's a predictable player but he isn't a manaic. It's a scary board, it figures to hit the pre flop raiser hard. and besides, if i bet the turn, i might get a cheap showdown at the river. so he calls again, then river bricks out. now he thinks and comes out bet 50, which is a tiny bet, with that bet, I really think he has KJ, so the final board reads Q107K3, the pot has about 250 at this point, I was going to just call or fold, but my creative side kicked in, and I decided to turn my hand into a bluff. i know he didn't have a straight, I dont think he had KQ, K10 either. and if I raise there, he might even fold AQ. so i raise to 180, he thinks, thinks, and finally shows me the K4 of spades and said" king no good"? I got lucky this guy is not from CPMG, I can't never pull that move off against someone at CPMG. I like my loose image at CPMG, it gets my paid sometimes with my big hands. but sometimes, I hate my image too, it handcuffs me, I can't really do any creative plays.

hand 2) had Q4 at the BB. flop comes Q74 with 2 spades, I lead out with 20, the button instant calls, he has about 150 behind. now the SB min raises to 40. SB is another guy who's so predictable, and isn't going to play a big pot unless he has a huge hand. That min raise screams strenght at first, but then I look at the board, it's Q74 with 2 spades, and I lead out and the button instant calls, obviously he's on a draw. if the SB had a big hand, wouldn't he raise alot more than min raise? Alot of live players who aren't experienced at cash game tends to panic when they have a top pair with good kicker, they don't know how to handle the suituation when somone bets into them. Their hand is too "strong" to just call in their mind, and they don't want to play a huge pot with just 1 pair. So with that min raise, I first thought he might have 74 for bottom 2, but I quickly rule that out. he would have raise more with 2 pair. so hansd like QJ, KQ is the most likely hand. that min raise from him really accomplishes nothing, nobody is going to fold draws to a min raise. But like I said, alot of inexperienced cash game players play like that thinking it's a good way to find out where they are at with top pair, good kicker. of course if the pot was headsup and not so draw heavy, a min raise from a predictable player is more likely a monster hand than a good 1 pair hand. but with this hand, a bet, call and min raise, no way he had a huge hand. Anyway, after went thru the thought process, I re-raised him to 130, hoping to make the button folds his draw. the buttons thinks and shoves all in for 150ish? now the SB thinks, and whispers to me" i call and we check it down"? Technically, this is illegal lol, but at this point, I knew I had the best hand, might as well get his 110 dollars in. I didn't really say yes to him, I just said "ok" to particulair no one. and he calls, and we off to the river. turn 10, river Q, i kept my words and didn't bet my full house. He rolls over KQ, and I drag in a decent size pot.
yes I could have made more, in fact alot more, he's not folding trip queens with king kicker. but He probably would have folded on the flop after re-raise, all in with just 1 pair. it works out fair I guess.

cashed out 952 for profit of 452. an ok night i guess.

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