Tuesday, October 20, 2009

An almost break even 3 sessions of poker.

Went to Dave's on Sat night. All the ramps to W90 were closed at downtown, so I drove around 77, 71 or whatever it took me for a while, ending up driving about 100 miles total when I got back. Finally found the detour sign via 490. Got to Dave's at about 9pm. WOW, the place was packed! Dave and Mailman are running a great game! It was good to see everyone, and I must say, we have some of the greatest people in the CPMG. I'm so glad to be part of this poker group.

Well I bought into the tourney, but my main goal was to play cash game. But it was too early, so I paid my 30 dollars "entertainment fee" to sit there and peek on cards until cash game. Busted out tourney at about 11:00, hopped into cash game. Nothing went right for me, I actually played pretty tight/solid poker, but just couldnt hit a flop to save my life. Bought in for 150, reloaded another 100, lost a big chunk of the stacks to Special K where she flopped the nut straight. Total for Dave's, -195 in cash game, -30 in tourney, for total of -225.

Sunday, went to Nautica for 2/5, bought in for 400, I was kinda sleepy. So I played only about 3 hours, left up about 100.

Monday, went to Lil Fag's game, only played about 3 hours again because I had to work on Tuesday, +170. So total for the 3 days, +45 dollars.

I'm thinking about of adding something like " Hand of the week" and "Chan's random poker thoughts" to this blog. I hope people will enjoy to read them.


  1. Sounds like it was a good thing you left Matt's early on Monday Chan. Wheeeew.

  2. I didnt go this monday. I was there every monday since the game started. but this monday, i came home late from work and was tired. so I stayed home and avoided this. lucky me.