Monday, October 5, 2009

2/5 Session at Nautica on Sunday

No a good start for my poker career I guess. I've been playing 2/5 at Nautica lately. After posting some pretty good winning sessions including +1770 +1100. I've lost 3 straight sessions at 2/5 now. -300, -800 and -400 yesterday.

I guess it's a bit of downswing. I really thing I played well yesterday. Bought in for 400 at the 2/5, I won 300 dollars fairly quickly with KK vs JJ. That got me to 700, since then, I was totally card dead. Didn't play many hands, I was dealt a couple of cooler hands, but I was able to get away from it including one hand, where I called a raise with KJ of hearts, and flop came K52 rainbow. the pre flop raiser bets 120 into a 150 dollars pot and he had about 120 behind. I tanked and finally laid down the KJ, and he showed AK. This is why you don't play KJ to a raise.

So all day, my stack was between 300 - 700, I was never able to get anything going. There were some totally donkies on the table, I was just praying to hit a big hand, those guys weren't folding anything. I will post a couple of interesting hands:

hand 1) I was at SB with 65 of hearts with about 600 in front of me. a couple of players limped and I completed my SB, BB checked. Flop came 6J7 with 2 hearts, I flopped a pair and flush draw. I checked, one super loose donkey bet 30, another loose lady called the 30, I made it 130, and that first bettor quickly called and the lady folded. turn was a black 3. completing the 45, obviously a terrible card for me. I checked and hoping he checked behind to give me a free card. since the pot was almost 300, i had about 420 behind, if I bet anything there, I was pot commited. so I checked, and that first bettor quickly bet out 250, I sat there for a long time and finally decided to fold. and he showed me "3" . J3 maybe? I've definitely seen him playing any 2 cards from anywhere. he's one of the biggest donkey on the table. although 34 and 35 make some sense too, even 63, but I don't think he would call 100 dollars raise with 2nd pair and no redraw. Those players don't understand hands like top pair there is equivalent of 2nd pair, I was either bluffing or I got a huge hand, but they don't realize that, a top pair is top pair for them and they won't fold.

hand 2) the same donkey with the J3 raised to 20, got 2 callers and i looked down 99 at the SB and called too. flop came 235 with 2 spades. I know that pre flop raiser raises alot of hands and most likely he doesn't have an overpair there and the other 2 guys behind him are quickly straight forward players, so if I get thru that pre flop raiser, I have confidence of how to proceed with the hand if i get called or raised by the other 2 players in the hand. so I lead out with 50, and as I expected, the pre flop raiser quickly mucked. But the player behind him looked at his hand and called, the other guy called too. I was like "wow, one of them has to have a flush draw, and one maybe have hands like overpair to the board. I think if one of them had a set, they would raise since it's a pretty dangerous board. so turn came a red 10, I fired out 140, and now the first caller instantly moved all in, and folded back to me. Pretty easy fold here. Nothing I could beat, if he had pocket 10's I'm drawing dead right now. I folded and he showed A4 for flopped straight.

hand 3) Won a couple of small pots, built it back up to 450, then came the death blow hand. limped on the button with 56, there were like 5players in the hand. flop came 1074, not a totally bad flop for me, I got the open ended straight draw. one guy bet, the donkey called and i called. turn was K, putting a flush draw on the board, the lady bet, he called and i called. river was the "gem" card, a off suit "8"! now the lady checked and the guy checked too, I was thinking about how to extract the most value out of this hand. previously both of those guys have made some big "hero calls" when the flush draw missed and they were right. so i decided to overbet the pot presenting I had some missed draws. Plus after that 99 hand, I was acting like I was on tilt and threw the cards into the muck. so maybe those 2 donkies would put me on some sort of missed drawing hand. So I quickly moved all in and the lady tanked, tanked, She's like you bluffing? I tried the best I could looking weak, my heart was screaming" call now, bitch". after intense 2-3 mins, she folded, now this guy behind me did some acting even though he was the last to act. he looked at the board, looked at me, and was "thinking really hard". I knew i had the best hand, maybe he had 2 pair?. Of course I was praying he called, after a long study, he finally called. I proudly flipped over my 65 " I got a straight" and to my biggest suprise, he slammed the cards on the table" I got a bigger straight". I was like "what"? he showed 96. so basically I got fucking slow rolled! He was muttering about how he was worried about "QJ" for the bigger straight. Technically, he didn't have the Nuts, J9 would have been the nuts. QJ doesn't complete no straights, what an idiot! besides, with giving action in that hand, his hand was the stone cold nuts literally. The worst part is I got seriously slow rolled and the guy doesn't even know it LOL. After that hand, I know i couldn't win and I just got up and left.

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