Friday, October 9, 2009

It's tough to play online poker...

I've been playing mostly live poker for the past 2 weeks, so last night after i came back from nautica, I figured I would fire up some little online action. Before I started up Fulltilt, I knew I shouldnt have. Because I was mentally drained from the live poker and my mind just wasn't there. Never play poker when you are not mentally ready and stable for it.

Anyway, i went against the little guy at my head and started up 4 tables of .5/1NL. Played about 700 hands in 1.5hours, just on total auto pilot and tilting mood. Was able to be up about 100, then one tilting move of Re-raising all in with A10 when I had 200 in front o fme, only ran into AA. After that hand, I forced myself to quit the session. -160 dollars playing like crap.

I really believe the mental aspect of poker is my biggest challenge in finding poker success. It's really hard to grind hours after hours sitting in front of computer. Especially when you just come back from live game. Never play poker when you don't feel like playing. Maybe when issue 3 passes, and Nautica is shut down, then I have no choices but play online poker, only then maybe I will concentrate more online. Right now, just tough for me because I play at Nautica everyday.

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