Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A pretty good session at Matt lil fag's game

Got there last night at about 8pm, bought in for 200. Within 3 hands, I was down to about 100, raised with pocket 10's to 10, got re-raised by that TD guy at Nautica "James" to 40, I thought about moving in for my last 140, but since I had no ideas how he plays like, I just called hoping to hit a set despite I didnt have the odds for set mining. Flop came AKx and I had to check fold my 10's.

I was going to reload right away, but I decided to train my patience a bit. So I played with just 100 for the next 3-4 orbits. I was totally card dead again just like I was at Nautica at sunday, not even getting playable hands like 89o. Q2, K3, J6, 93 etc. Meanwhile, the table was going insane, so much action!! I finally decided screw the patience training, I can't play with just 100 in this game. So I reloaded 100 more, and what do you know? The luck would soon changed for me.

Within the next orbit after I reloaded to 200, I picked up Aces twice and both times I got action. First one, I had aces vs 3 guys all in pre flop 4 ways. Though 2 of them were pretty much pot commited with shortstacks. and my Aces held up in 4 ways. So now I have about 500 in front of me. A hand or 2 later, I picked up Aces again at the SB and again I got action, All in pre flop vs Kai. my Aces held up again and Kai had about 350 in front of him, so that got me to like 850.

After those 2 aces hand, I went on one of those really bad runs of cards. I wasn't even getting anything close to playable hands. so i sat there and keep folding folding. and made some "bored" bluffs and got called. so I was down to about 700.

For the next 1hour, I didn't play many hands. Finally picked up 66 and flopped a set vs Matt, won about 200 of that hand. Then a few hands later, Matt raised to 15, charlie called, i looked at at QQ at the button, I just called. flop came 1047 with 2 spades, the SB bet out 35, lil fag instantly called, I made it 130, the SB folded and Matt called. turn was a red "10", obviously not a great card. He checked, I thought about betting there to protect my hand vs flush draw but I decided to check. River was a blank, now he came out and bet 275, I tanked and decided to call. I didn't think he had 10 in his hand, with the way he was playing, he was raising with any top pair, but when the SB bet 35 on the flop, he didnt' even contemplate of raising, he just instantly called. so I didn't think he had 10 in his hand, so I called with my QQ and it was good.

That got me to about 1200, I think I reraised somone to 45 with 26suited pre flop and flop came 992, I bet out 70 and everyone folded. Played until 3am, and cashed out 1445 for a profit of 1145.

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