Monday, October 12, 2009

Chantastic weekend of poker...

Won the most money I've ever won in any 3 given days in my poker life. So that part is good:) But on a side note, I feel a little bad because I keep beating up the terrible players at nautica, I feel like my game has regressed. All the advanced strategies like 3 betting pre flop are being thrown out of the windows. Nautica is good for my bankroll, but not good for my poker improvement. Game selection is important, but I'm also looking for getting better. After all, I won't be playing at Nautica forever. I will be moving to either AC or Vegas eventually.

And my online game has suffered because of my live games. First of all, I don't feel motivated to hop online and multi tabling. It's just so boring. Secondly after got the taste of how easy money can come by at the 2/5 live, the online grinding of .5/1 NL doesn't do much for me. This is bad for me. Used to be if I win like 100+ dollars online, I would be happy. Now I don't have that feeling of joy anymore. And I have not been winning online. Just posted another -50 dollars lossing session last night.

Goal for the rest of the year: Play more online to get better while continue to grow my bankroll thru live.

And I still believe online poker is the backbone for most of the professional poker players. I might not be a professional yet, but if I want to do it semi- pro, I would have to rely on online poker too.

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