Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Shit, I hate this..

So my manager called me on the phone today and asked me to come back to work. I was really motivated on the poker. Now I have to work 6 days a week again in the snow,it sucks! I know this sounds ridicious lol. There are so many people in this country that are dying for a job. any jobs! and here I'm debating whether I should go back to work at a 21 dollars a hour job. She even told me on the phone " We have offered works for you, so you can't apply for unemployment if you don't come to work". Man, I had it all planned out. Collect about 1400 a month in unemployment and I 'm sure I can make up the rest of my salary in poker winning. Now I won't have the energy to concentrate on poker anymore. I might still quit the job. Gonna put in alot of hard work. Try to build up big enough bankroll so I can quit the job.

But at least my credit score will be better when I'm taking out a loan for my new car. Test drove the Hyundai Sante Fe today. Liked it alot. But I'm still leaning toward the Honda Insight because I got a great deal on it. Probably will get it by this weekend. Now I can finally drive out to Dave's for some CPMG action.

And lastly, another winning session at the 2/5 on Tuesdays night. Bought in for 400, lost it fairly quickly when I tried to pull a bluff on a tight passive straight forward old folk. Only to find out he had the flush already. Re bought for 400 more, worked it to 1365. profit of 565. I did leave about 200 dollars on the table for not playing aggresive enough. I let this guy off the hook with my trip 9's vs his top pair. I didn't stay for long because there were so many people that were coughing on my table. Weather is bringing people down. and sharing cards and chips with them can make you catch the gems easily. Remember to wash your hands with sanitizer after poker session!

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