Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Not a good night..

Got there at matt's game at 9:30pm, bought in for 200, down to 100 in like 20mins, bought in for another 100, played another 1 hour without winning a hand. finally had about 120 left, and Uncle bob raised to 15, I looked down at AA, i made it 45, and lil fag tilt called my 45, he's always on tilt!. and Uncle bob called too of course. flop Q87, check to me, of course i went all in for my last 70ish? called and called, turn Q, river 8, I ended up having the 3rd best hand. uncle bob showed AQ and lil fag flashed the "8". and my AA got cracked by 2 people. After that, I got up and left, down 300. frustrating night. nothing went right.

on my way driving home, I was thinking about why I always seem to need to at least reload if not rebuying fairly quickly with my first buy in. I need to fix this leak, I need to copy something from Mailman's poker book, he always seem to last forever with his initial buy in. He told me he almost never goes 2 buy-ins deep, he doesn't bring more than 2 buy-ins to cash games. For me, 2 buy-ins seem like nothing.

Also, it's tough to play 2 different stakes of games. I'm just starting to get comfortable at the 2/5 with raise sizes and pot sizes, now I feel I play too loose at the 1/2 - mainly calling too many raises with marginal hands like 97o. I mean it's only 12 bucks after all? that's a min raise at the 2/5. And before I know it, i'm down to like half of the buy in. Need to adjust to the different stakes. of course the online .5/1 NL doesn't go well either. It's only 3-4 dollars raise preflop! of course I'm calling with any 2 cards and it shows on my results why it's not good to do that.

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