Sunday, November 29, 2009

Banned from Nautica.

I'm banned from Nautica by that shemale cop at Nautica. Basically what happened was, I was sat at the first table of 2/5 and didn't like the players at my table, and I saw there were 2 seats open at the 3rd table. So, I just racked up my chips and went to sit down at the 3rd table. All the sudden, she came over and right from the start with her shitty attitude " Hey, you can't change table without someone replacing you at the first table". I wasn't in a good mood, I mean what the hell is the big deal? I paid my seat fees. I understand house rules and stuff, but at least come talk to me with better tone. So basically when she came over and told me I can't change table, I turned my head toward and said " Who's this woman"? I think she was ecstatic that I didn't mistaken her as a man. If I was in a total nasty mood , I could have said " Who's this man?". That would have totally pissed her off. With her being such a hard ass, one thing lead to another, and I ended up being told I'm banned from Nautica. After I went home, I emailed a letter to the Nautica management. and I did get a respond of thanking me for voicing my opinions. Of course, that was it as I expected. Here's the email I sent to Nautica:


I'm writing this to tell you what happened to me last night at the Nautica Charity Poker at the Power House. I was sitting on a table, and I saw another table had 9 players so I went to another table to play. While I don' expect any customer service at a charity event like at a casino, I was really disappointed on how rude the security personnels were. I don't know her name, but she's the lady police officer, ID number 1982. She came over and told me I can't change table without another person replacing me at my table first. Maybe I didn't know the house rules correctly, but I really don't see a big deal of me going to play at another table. I wasn't having fun at my original table.

So, even if I was wrong about not being able to change table without informing the security guards first, I really didn't appreciate the way she came over and basically threatnening me and trying to intimate me. I admit my attitude wasn't the best, but the was caused by how she was trying to "boss" me around like if it's her house. I come to charity to donate money and have some fun, and I understand why sometimes the rules needed to be strictly enforced to make things run smoothly. But last night, it was totally over the board. It's not like I was cheating or other serious misconducts. It was honest mistake of me not knowing the house rules of not being able to change table without being escorted.

So what ended up happening is I got a little mad too, and my attitude might have shown some of it, and I apologize for it. But I really think she was over the line with her acts. Then soon the sergent came over and basically labelled me as a trouble maker without even asking me what happened. I'm not saying they pushed me, but they did try to grab me and push me out of there. I ended up being asked to show my ID, and the police officer told me that I can't no long come to Nautica Chairty Poker unless I receive a call from Mr. Jacobs. If i do show up, I will be arrested immediately.

Like I said earlier, while I don't expect any customer service, I understand it's a charity event. Alot of people are feeling like we are not being treated fairly. We are being yelled at sometimes, blatantly being accused of wrong doing. Maybe because of me coming from the business background, for the lack of better words, I feel like we players sometimes are being treated like "dirts" even though we are paying 20 dollars a hour to sit there and play poker. I know it's true that if we follow the rules and don't cause any troubles, we will be fine. but sometimes mistakes do happen, like that small mistake of me changing the table without informing. But the point of this, I believe the police officers have totally overreacted last night.


I will email them again once Dec. comes around, they draw no crowds during the winter season due to weather. I'm sure I will be allowed back. Just gonna soften my tone a bit and apologize. I was in the middle of heated exchange, like tilting, I wasn't backing down from no one at night, this is why I got banned. If I was more mature and better self control, it would have never happened. Funny how now badbeats in poker don't tilt me that much anymore but badbeats in life do. I still have alot of room to grow.

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